Celebrating Halloween Safely on a Budget

Celebrating Halloween Safely on a Budget

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world today.  The global pandemic has many people questioning what is safe and what isn’t.  In the middle of it all, we are approaching the holiday season where we gather with family and friends to celebrate all that we have.  The celebrations would typically kick off this Saturday, with Halloween.  In light of these different conditions, I thought it would be good to talk about celebrating Halloween safely on a budget.  Just because the world does not look the way in normally does as we approach October 31st, doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t still have fun.  Here are some ways to make the holiday special and stay on budget.

Have a “Found Costume” Contest

Just because you may not be able to go out and show off your costumes while trick or treating doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up.  Instead, you can have a “found costume” contest with your family.  Set a time limit and let each person create a Halloween costume with objects found around the house.  Once the time is up, get together and tell each other about your costumes.  Take a vote for most creative or spookiest costume and wear them throughout the rest of your celebration.  Because you are using found things from around the house you will be stretching your creativity and it will help you in your efforts celebrating Halloween safely on a budget.

Do a Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

You may not be able to go out for a traditional round of trick or treating this year, but you don’t have to give up on candy completely.  Instead of trick or treating, you can set up a Halloween scavenger hunt.  If the weather is nice, hide candy out in the yard for people to find.  If the weather is crummy, hide candy throughout the house. Wearing your costumes, or even your found costumes made from around your home, wander around and look for the candy.  If you have children (or are young at heart) take your plastic pumpkin with you to fill up as you go.

Trick or Treat Virtually

Sometimes the most fun part of Halloween is seeing friends and family and showing off costumes.  With social distancing and pandemic concerns, this tradition may not be an option.  Instead of trick or treating door to do, take your costume show virtual.  Video call family and friends so that they can see your costumes and you can check in.  This will give you a chance to include family and friends from any location in your Halloween celebration!

You can even have a virtual costume party with your friends! Get in your costumes, log in to your favorite video messaging service, drink a tasty beverage, and enjoy your friends company. It won’t be the same as an in person costume party, but it will let you socialize and show off your costume!

Watch a Spooky Movie

Celebrating Halloween safely and on budget might mean staying in this year.  But that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.  You and your family can watch a spooky movie.  Search the streaming services you have for a movie you will all enjoy.  If you are like me and don’t do well with scary movies, you can find a fun Halloween move to watch.  You can even make it a movie marathon if you have the time! Complete with Halloween treats and candy. If you are looking for a Halloween themed treat to go with your flick, make Halloween Popcorn balls from All Recipes.  They are sure to please your moviegoers.  

Make a Spooky Treat

Another way to celebrate Halloween safely and on a budget this year is to bake your own spooky treats.  You could bake Halloween cookies like these Spider Sugar Cookies from My Recipes.  You can decorate them as a family.  Make them as spooky or as fun as you want.  They are a treat the whole family is sure to love.

If cookies aren’t your thing, you could make these amazing dirt cups from Pretty Providence.  Kids and adults alike are sure to love these treats.  You can make them spookier with decorations.

And finally, if you are missing the bonfires and social gatherings of fall, this Indoor S’more recipe from All Recipes is a fun way to bring the bonfire indoors.  No matter what you choose to make, use what you have to whip up some fun holiday treats!

Final Thoughts

The holidays may look a little different this year.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate.  We can still find new ways to have fun and find the joy.  Start a new tradition.  Celebrating Halloween safely on a budget has never been more important.  But, having fun and connecting with those we love has also never been more important.  These are just a few ways you can celebrate.  If you are looking for other things you can do for yourself on a budget while social distancing, check out my blog post 5 Free Things to Do for Yourself During Quarantine.

What are you going to do for Halloween?  I’d love to hear what you are planning to do to celebrate!


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