If you plan for the unexpected - it becomes expected.

You need a plan and Oh Sh*t, I Died - Your Complete Financial Organizer can help

Oh Sh*t, I Died makes the logistics of death easier on those you leave behind. ¬†It gives you an easy system for organizing your personal and financial life so that all of the key information a loved one needs in the event of your death is in one place. ¬† Having all of your information organized and in one place will give you the peace of mind of knowing your loved ones have what they need when you’re gone. ¬†Being organized is the final gift you can give those you love. ¬†And it will make things easier on them in the end.

I know that Oh Sh*t, I Died can make a difference for your loved ones...because I've seen it first hand.

Kimbree Redburn Financial Coach

Losing a loved one is never easy; it was hard for me when I lost my mom unexpectedly to a heart attack in 2017.  But, before my mom died, she left me, my dad, and my brother an amazing gift.  The gift of organization. 

My mom was primarily in charge of managing the family finances, and she knew a day would come where we would have to take over.  To make it easier she kept a special notebook.  It held all the information we would need when she died.  It included account numbers, bank names, passwords, bill due dates and amounts, and life insurance information. The notebook didn’t make losing my mom any easier, nothing could ever do that.  But it made the logistics of dealing with her death more straight forward.  It was truly a gift she left behind for us.

 As I moved through all the necessary tasks after my mom died, I realized just how lost we would be without the notebook.  And I thought of my friends and family who would lose loved ones in the future and wondered what those losses would be like if people weren’t as organized as my mom.  Over half of Americans don’t even have wills.  Let alone a way to store important information so that it can be accessed in the event of their death.  

With Oh Sh*t, I Died, YOU can change that. 

I’ve combined research, knowledge of finance, and what my mom put together for us, to create a simple, easy to use, storage system for your important personal and financial information.  

Oh Sh*t, I Died takes a complicated, difficult to think about, but entirely necessary process and makes it easy.  And it allows you to give your loved ones the gift of organization at a time when they need it the most.

Ready to give your family the gift of organization?

Oh Sh*t, I Died will help you pull all of your key information together in one place

But Don't Just Take My Word for It!

"Before the Oh Sh*t, I Died Organizer, we had nothing documented. I knew it was something we SHOULD have, but I couldn't get my arms around what information we needed and how to pull it all together. Honestly, it was something I was putting off because it seemed like such a task. Having the Organizer gave me structure. I could set a goal to get 1 tab done a day or week, and by breaking it down into approachable sections I was able to complete the work. It also included things I never thought about, like caring for social media accounts. And it is so rewarding knowing that we now have this coverage for our family!"
Age 33

"The Oh Sh*t I Died Complete Personal Financial Organizer is amazing! I'm an organized person, however, if something were to happen to me, there is a great deal of information that a family member would not even know existed, if it wasn't in this organizer. Kimbree has thought of so many details that I had not thought about, that family members WILL need at the time of your death. My father is always telling me different things, for when he is no longer here, and I'm going to buy him this organizer, that way I don't have to remember it all!"

Age 40

With Oh Sh*t, I Died You Get


Your Purchase of Oh Sh*t, I Died Includes

An Excel Spreadsheet with nine tabs to help you organize key information

Tabs include:

  • Personal & Family Information
  • Important Contacts
  • Log In Information
  • Financial Information
  • Loan Information
  • A Bills Calendar
  • A Money Map
  • A Debt Map
  • Important Document Information

A Printable Workbook with 4 Sections to help you organize key information

The 4 Sections Help You Organize:

  • Personal & Family Information
  • Financial Information
  • Insurance Information
  • Important Documents

A Users Guide to help you get the most out of your Oh Sh*t, I Died Personal Organizer.


The Users Guide is 38 pages long and explains how to fill out each section and what key information you should include.

Don't Wait!

Prepare for the unexpected today and give your family the gift of being organized!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are ready to have all of your personal financial information organized in one easy to use place, Oh Sh*t, I Died is for you.  It will help you pull all your information together to get organized and stay on top of things.  It will also give you peace of mind that your loved ones have all the information they need if something should happen to you.  

Oh Sh*t, I Died is also for you if you know you will be in charge of a parent or loved ones finances someday.  You can help them use the Oh Sh*t, I Died system to get themselves organized so you can take over more easily.

There are two ways to fill out your Oh Sh*t, I Died Organizer. You can use the password protected Excel Spreadsheet or you can print out the Printable Workbook.  The users guide walks you through what information to include and makes the whole process easy.

Whether you decide to use the Excel File or the Printable Workbook, it’s keep that a trusted love one knows where it is and how to access it. ¬†You can tell them. ¬†And also write out instructions and keep them in a safe place.

Since this organizer will contain important information keeping it safe is a priority.  The Excel File is password protected and comes with instructions to reset the password.  Alternatively you could print out the workbook and store it in a home safe or safe deposit box. 

You will need to update it when things change. ¬†I recommend setting a calendar reminder for once a year (you can do more frequently if you’d like) and taking time to sit down with your organizer and review it to be sure it is up to date.

The first page of the workbook is an “Update Log” so you can specify when you last updated it. ¬†And if you use the Excel File, each time you save it, the date will update. ¬†This will allow loved ones to know how up to date it is.

Let’s face it, death and dying is a heavy topic. ¬†And I don’t take it lightly. ¬†But to get people to take the organizer seriously and actually use it, I had to lighten it up a bit. ¬†The name catches you off guard and can make a difficult topic a bit easier. ¬†I have worried during the creation of this project that the name might offend some. ¬†But, I’m hoping that it will actually make you smile and get you to organized.

As Oh Sh*t, I Died is a digital product, that you get full possession of once you purchase it, I don’t offer refunds. ¬†But, if you are having trouble with the product, I’d be more that happy to help you make it work for you. ¬†Just shoot me an email.