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AlexyAge 32

“I consulted with Kimbree about starting and managing student loan repayment as I was finishing up my PhD and feeling overwhelmed about loans from multiple universities and servicers. Kimbree helped me to understand my situation, the available resources for managing the loans and payments, as well as strategies and options for dealing with the debt. She was really knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and helped me to get a grip on my loan situation. I highly recommend working with her.”

JaneAge 31

“I highly recommend Illuminate Financial. Kimbree has been an invaluable help to my husband and me as we manage our finances today and plan for our future. She asks good questions to understand her clients’ goals and offers sound, practical advice about how to achieve them. After talking with Kimbree, I have a better understanding of my finances and feel empowered to make good financial decisions moving forward. “

NicoleAge 29

“Before I started working with Kimbree, I had struggled for years getting my financial ducks in a row. I always seemed to have too much debt and not enough money. I struggled with credit card debt and I had no system for paying bills or budgeting. I had tried different methods for getting it under control, but nothing ever seemed to stick. In the very first session with Kimbree, I had an immediate sense of relief. From the very first session, she worked with me to develop a simple action plan that yielded big results.”

RobinAge 29

"When our first son was born, we knew we wanted to set up a 529 college savings plan for him, but we didn't know where to start. We felt overwhelmed with the research, and we didn't have a lot of spare time to learn on our own. We knew that Kimbree was incredibly knowledgeable and well-versed in the world of college savings, so we looked to her for guidance. She laid out all of our options, gave us recommendations, and helped get us set up on a path for success. After meeting with Kimbree, we felt confident and ready to set up the 529, and are looking forward to saving money in the coming years and helping our son pay for college!"

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