Thinking About Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Next in my series on personal finance topics that are often scary but don’t need to be, I thought I would talk about how thinking about retirement doesn’t have to be scary.  If you’d like to read the first in the series Budgeting Doesn’t Have to be Scary check out my previous blog post!

Nearly half of Americans have no retirement savings.  So, I understand why thinking about your retirement can be scary.  We all face so many different obligations for our money that finding more to set aside can leave you wondering where exactly to start.  And once you are determined to save, the different account options, requirements, and features can become overwhelming.  But, thinking about retirement doesn’t have to be scary.  When it comes to thinking about retirement, understanding your options, determining your why, and figuring out what retirement means to you can help remove the fear and spur you to action!

Understand Your Options

If you understand your differe