Hi, my name is Kimbree and I am a Financial Coach!

I teach people to manage their money with confidence and help them eliminate their financial stress.

My passion for finance began by accident as I tried to budget my way through graduate school. I spent my days studying economics and my nights and weekends figuring out how my husband and I could make it on our limited incomes.  From the trial and error I experienced, I learned that it wasn’t just the decisions I made that mattered. It was also the information behind the decisions.  After receiving my Masters Degree in International Economics and Development, I looked for opportunities to expand my financial knowledge.  This led me to earning a Masters Certificate in Family Financial Planning and becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor®.

I love all things personal finance and want to give others the knowledge and confidence to make the best financial decisions they can. Managing money with confidence is something that we can all learn to do. I’d love to help you organize and simply your finances and keep more of the money that you make!

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Financial Coach