A New Path

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.”
― Roy T. Bennett

I have been thinking about this post and what to say for several weeks now.  When I started the series on the non-essential spending freeze back in April, I alluded to the fact that our financial situation would be changing soon.  And that change is finally here!

As of May 10th, I left my job as a Financial Coach at Montana State University to start my own business.  This is a transition that I have given a great deal of thought over the last year or so, and it seems there is no time like the present!  I will admit, leaving the University has been a bit of a struggle for me. I literally grew up on that campus. It is where I went to preschool, where I spent summers either in my parents’ offices or in the library, I went to college there, and after leaving briefly, came back to work.  But I think sometimes the best growth and change can be found in leaving the familiar and finding out what else you are capable of.

My business, Illuminate Financial (www.illuminatefinancial.us), is a Financial Counseling company focused on helping people understand their financial options and make the best decisions they can to build towards a solid future.  Topics that I can help people better understand include budgeting, understanding and building credit, student loans (both borrowing and paying back), saving, making big purchases and using loans, and keeping an organized financial house. This work will use the degrees and training I have received throughout my life including my AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor®) and my passion to help people.

I am in the early stages of business.  I am working to establish my office and figure out some of the administrative tasks.  But, I also am ready to start helping people as quickly as I can. So, if you think there is a way I can help you or someone you know through my new business, let’s talk!

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