Starting financial counseling  can be overwhelming.  In order to help the process make sense, I’d like you to understand what each step of the process entails and what will be expected from you.

Initial Consultation:

The initial consultation is really just a conversation.  I want you to  feel comfortable asking questions, sharing what you hope to gain from financial counseling, and above all to get a feel for me.  For the counseling process to work, you need to be comfortable with me and my philosophy.

You Should Bring:

When you come to the initial consultation, you should bring your questions (both financial and procedural), your goals, and an open mind.

Financial Counseling Appointments:

Once we move past the initial meeting, our sessions will become one hour of time that we can focus on moving you from the information stage to the behavior change stage.  We will create goals for our time together, break them into steps, and work on strategies to reach these steps. We will also celebrate the wins.

You Should Bring:

When you come to your counseling appointments you should bring any financial information that we will need to develop or measure progress on your goals.  This may include budgets or expense trackers we have generated, online account logins, receipts and any homework from previous sessions.

Please Note that both initial consultations and counseling appointments can be in person, over the phone, or via a video chat service, what ever is most convent for the client.

If you meet me in my office we will meet at 2411 West Main Street Unit 1A Bozeman, Montana.