One-on-one financial coaching is designed to help you create financial success.  In the same way that we hire personal trainers to help us get in shape, these individualized sessions can help you take control of your financial future. To help you choose, we’ve provided a full list of the services we offer. Depending on the type of session you choose we will either target specific personal finance trouble spots for you, or focus on the bigger picture and cover everything.

Areas that we will cover and focus on can include:

  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Understanding and Building Credit
  • Setting, Prioritizing, and Reaching Financial Goals
  • Paying Down Debt
  • Understanding your Current Financial Situation
  • Planning for the Future (paying for school, buying a home, retirement)
  • Personal Financial Organization

To help you achieve your personal financial goals, we offer two different types of financial coaching.

Jump Start Financial Coaching

What You Get:
  • Individual one-hour sessions over the phone or through video chat service
  • Can address your financial worries and concerns and focus on actions to change behaviors
    • Focus on trouble areas and/or specific questions you may have
  • Access to templates to guide your work in the areas you want to focus on
  • Follow Up with another session on your schedule if you choose
Who It’s For:
  • You have a few specific questions about managing your personal finances.

Money Mindset Financial Coaching

What You Get:
  • A one-hour money mindset call each month over the phone or through video chat service
  • A 15-minute weekly accountability check-in
  • Creation of a personal budget/expense tracking support and help troubleshooting tricky spending areas
  • Compilation of a net worth statement and help understanding the importance of net worth and ways to grow it (and tracker/guide documents)
  • A personalized debt reduction guide (and tracker/guide documents)
  • Help
    • Creating savings goals and tracking progress (and tracker and guide documents)
    • Organizing your financial life
    • Creating personalized systems for managing money
Who It’s For:
  • You are ready to learn about your personal finances and using the resources you earn to create the life of your dreams!  You want to get out of debt, understand your spending, and create personalized systems for managing your money so you can spend less time worrying about money and more time making and enjoying it!

Please Note: Money Mindset Coaching requires an initial 3-month minimum commitment. This is so that we can create a plan and you can implement strategies effectively to truly see the change.

PLEASE NOTE: All services will be completed over the phone, or via a video messaging service (Zoom or Google Meets).

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