Kimbree Redburn


Hi, my name is Kimbree and I am a Financial Coach!

My passion for finance began by accident as I tried to budget my way through graduate school. I spent my days studying economics and my nights and weekends figuring out how my husband and I could make it on our limited incomes.  From the trial and error I experienced, I learned that it wasn’t just the decisions I made that mattered, but also the information behind the decisions.  After receiving my Masters Degree in International Economics and Development, I looked for opportunities to expand my financial knowledge.  This led me to earning a Masters Certificate in Family Financial Planning and becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor®.

I love all things personal finance and want to give others the knowledge and confidence to make the best financial decisions they can.  I believe that with the right information and team by their side, individuals can make good decisions and grow their way to the future they imagine.  I would love help you as you take steps towards your financial future.

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