Creating a Values Based Budget in 5 Easy Steps

 Creating a Values Based Budget in 5 Easy Steps

Do you ever find yourself getting so fixated on the price of something that you just can’t bring yourself to buy it? 

For me, it usually happens with bigger ticket items I’ve already saved for. Last spring my husband and I were browsing tropical destinations and planning our 10th anniversary getaway. Even though we had the money in savings for the trip, and I knew that’s what the money was for, I kept dragging my feet. I was so hung up on the price, that I was forgetting to think about the value.

Creating a values based budget

When I started thinking about the value rather than the cost, I could see that the time away, in a new place, with zero responsibilities was exactly what we needed. Making a values based budget can help you focus on what you’re getting and align your spending in such a way that it is easy to make money decisions. Often when people think about sitting down to make a budget, it can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. Let’s walk through 5 easy steps to creating a values based budget! But first, what is a values based budget?

What is a Values Based Budget?

In my last blog post, I introduced the idea of building your budget around your values. If you’re new to values based budgeting, I recommend giving it a read before you get started. But, no matter where you are on your budgeting journey, values based budgeting is an important concept to keep in mind. Keeping your values front and center when you are budgeting will help you stay on track as you meet you