One-on-one financial coaching can help you create financial success.  In the same way that we hire personal trainers to help us get in shape, these individualized sessions can help you take control of your financial future.  Sessions can be focused on one of the areas below, or on multiple areas that you’d like to target.



Do you need help figuring out where your money goes each month? Do you want to get a grip on spending and find ways to save more? Budgeting may be a good place to start your financial counseling experience.  We will map out your spending, talk about strategies to stick with your budget, and have check-in sessions to see how things are going.


Do you have an emergency fund?  Are you making progress towards saving for long-term goals?  If not, it might be helpful to spend some time in a financial counseling setting discussing different saving strategies, how to develop goals, and what you can do to reach them.  We will look at developing short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals and find the best saving options to help you reach them.  We will have check-in sessions to see how it’s going and celebrate progress along the way.


In today’s world there are so many misconceptions about having and using credit.  If you have questions about how to build or manage credit, what credit is necessary for, or how a credit score works, financial counseling can help you better understand this tricky topic.

Prioritizing/Paying Down Debt

Being in debt can be overwhelming.  Sometimes you don’t even know where to start or feel like any progress is being made at all. Financial counseling can give structure to the debt repayment process.  Together, we can prioritize your debt, find money in your budget to put towards it, and have a focused approach to paying it down.  Financial counseling can give you the structure that you need to work through the debt process.

Understanding your Current Financial Situation

It is hard to know where you want to end up, or can end up, without knowing where you are currently. Financial counseling can give you an accurate view of your current net worth and look at cash flow over time. This will allow us to see trends and will help you make decisions about where you want to go in the future.

Paying for School 

Do you have questions about saving for your kids’ education?  Do you have your own student loans you want to understand better? Financial counseling can help you understand how to save for college, how to fill out the dreaded FAFSA and understand the resulting financial aid award package.  I can also help you understand your student loans, different forgiveness options, repayment plans, and methods of repayment.  Paying for school is complicated, financial counseling can simplify the process.


Understanding Retirement Options

One of the most intimidating tasks you face is determining how to fund your retirement.  Financial counseling can help you understand different retirement saving options.  This can include explanations about the different types of accounts and the associated tax consequences and fees, determining retirement needs, and making sure resources are being maximized.  I cannot invest funds for you, but I can help you understand your retirement options so that you can make informed decisions.

End of Life Planning

While no one wants to think about what happens after we are gone, it is a gift that you can give to those you leave behind.  Through financial counseling, I can help you organize your information and documentation, and understand different options that you have for the end of your life.